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The ABA Retirement Funds Program gives you access to two investment advisory services offered through Voya Retirement Advisors (VRA), and powered by Financial Engines.

When you need some investment guidance, it’s helpful to have choices depending on how hands-on you want to be with your decisions. That’s where Robo+LIVE comes in. This hybrid approach to financial advice combines the convenience of the Financial Engines interactive Online Advice service with the option to speak with a VRA Investment Advisor Representative by phone.

What type of investment advice are you looking for?

Miranda is a “hands-on” investor who enjoys managing her investments. She keeps an eye on her fund performance and knows that she will need to periodically shift her investment strategy.

When it is time to make changes to her investments, Miranda gets personalized online “robo” advice using Financial Engine’s tools. But, when she has a question, she can go beyond robo and get insights from a VRA Investment Advisor Representative, live, over the phone— at no additional cost.

Dan, on the other hand, is a classic “hands-off” investor. He has no interest in picking funds, creating a portfolio, analyzing investment returns, or making ongoing changes to reflect his new circumstances.

Dan signed up for Professional Management so VRA Investment Advisor Representatives manage his retirement account for him. These advisors help him set retirement goals, select investments, make changes when needed, and provide Dan with ongoing account updates. Dan pays a fee based on a percentage of his account balance for this additional level of support and management.

Get the advice you need

It is called Robo+LIVE and it offers automated and live Online Advice features all wrapped up in one service. And, you choose how to get the most out of your retirement plan.

Just select the Voya Retirement Advisors link under “More Sources” when you are logged in to your account at on your computer or mobile device. Or call 800.348.2272 and ask to speak with a VRA Investment Advisor Representative. There is no cost to you for the initial call and consultation, and there is no obligation.

*Investment Advisor Representatives are salaried; they are not paid commissions from product sales, so you can be sure their advice is objective.

Advisory Services provided by Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC (VRA). For more information, please read the Voya Retirement Advisors Disclosure Statement, Advisory Services Agreement and the Program’s Fact Sheet. These documents may be viewed online by accessing the advisory services link(s) through the Program’s website at after you log in to your account. You may also request these from a VRA Investment Advisor Representative by calling the Program’s Customer Service Center at 800.348.2272. Financial Engines Advisors, LLC acts as a sub-advisor for Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC. Financial Engines Advisors LLC (FEA) is a federally registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Engines, Inc. Neither VRA nor FEA provides tax or legal advice. If you need tax advice, consult your accountant or if you need legal advice consult your lawyer. Neither Voya Retirement Advisors nor Financial Engines Advisors can guarantee results and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Financial Engines® is a registered trademark of Financial Engines, Inc. All other marks are the exclusive property of their respective owners.